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The Face of Hell on Heels Fitness

Caitlin Elby​ is a graduate from Roger Williams University with a BA in dance. After graduation, she moved to New York to pursue her dream of becoming a professional dancer. Right away she started interning at Broadway Dance Center, and began teaching at various studios around the city, as well as starting an after school dance program in a public school in Harlem, NYC. She started her professional work as a company member of In It for Life Productions. Since she has been dancing and touring with America's Got Talent's Iluminate, choreographing a spot tour in Reno for Michael Barimo, and choreographing and dancing in various shows and music videos for Kat Capone. Caitlin has also performed in several music videos and live performances with various artists at different venues all over New York City.

Caitlin became a Personal Trainer for Crunch and from there started instructing their Group Fitness classes. She has a love for motivating people to be happy internally and externally. Caitlin created Hell on Heels Fitness to make fitness fun and sexy.

Caitlin knows how difficult and scary it can be to start a new fitness regimen especially when it has been a long time. "I know the feeling of looking in the mirror and not being happy or comfortbale with what I see." She decided to combine her passion for teaching both dance and fitness to create her own company that will help women love themselves and feel confident in their skin. She explains "Heels can be powerful, they do not care what size you are, what color you are, or what you do for a living. They make every women feel confident- however not all women know how to use them properly. It is my mission to make every single woman that enters my class to leave feeling fearless, bold, and beautiful while knowing how to correctly walk and move in their favorite pair of heels."

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