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Strong Women Wear Heels

I have attended Hell on Heels Fitness classes since Caitlin Elby started the program last year. I used to dance a lot in college, and now do it more socially. At first I found the classes helpful because being able to confidently walk in heels at work added to my professionalism. As a paralegal of a nonprofit law firm, I assist low-income families with eviction proceedings and advocate to assure that the family has access to necessary resources in order to stabilize themselves financially.

Hell on Heels has benefitted me in a way that I didn't expect. At first, I liked going to a class that helped me get comfortable dancing again. However, one of the bigger changes happened when I rushed to class and forgot my heels in the office. I went to a local store for last-minute affordable shoes, thinking I need new ones for work anyway. Instead of the usual black, I was intrigued by a pair of bright red heels. Hoping it won't get me in trouble at work, I bought them and went to class; they were the perfect height to dance in. I wore them to court the next day, and instead of feeling self-conscious for wearing such bright colors in a professional environment, I got compliments from many of my colleagues. I liked the fact that I bought them because they made me feel different. Along with my posture and confidence in wearing them, I felt great standing out in a hectic work environment. I wear them all the time now.

Without Hell on Heels, it would be a lot harder to handle the intensity of my current career path; it also helps me make time to have fun on a regular basis, keeping me grateful for the escape from a hectic/stressful work life.

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