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Best 3 Heels to Wear to your 1st Hell on Heels Class

Best 3 Heels to Wear to Your First Hell on Heels Class

People often ask me, "What are the best shoes to wear when trying out Hell on Heels for the first time?" After multiple guinea pigs using trial and error, here are my top three heels that I have found ease people in.

1. Sneaker Wedge or Chunky Combat Heel- This shoe is perfect for the first time novas heel wearing enthusiast. This shoe offers a wide base to stand on, and full foot and ankle support. Because of the wedge or chunky heel your body will get the workout, yet you will feel like you are in flats.

2. Booties- This shoe is perfect for the women that like the idea of wearing heels all day, yet bring them in a bag to work. The booties, like the Chunky combat heel offers both foot and ankle support. There are many different styles of booties so if you opt for a pair with a platform in the front, be careful that it does not round at the toe. This can cause you to fall forward. Booties come in all different styles, with all different heel widths. I personally think that booties with no platform and a 2-3 inch skinny heel is perfect for beginners.

3. Mary Jane- This shoe is great because you can play with the elements of a

pump without having to worry about kicking off a shoe. Like the bootie you can play with the thickness of the heel, however, this shoe creates a cleaner line, and also has a little less support. This is a great transitional heel- whether you are working towards a higher, thinner heel, or a pump this shoe will ease you into it.

What about Height?

Beginner: If you own heels, but only wear them when you know you will be seated most of the night, and keep your spare flats in your bag: 1-inches for a heel, or a 2-3 inch platform or chunky heel.

Intermediate: If Heels are familiar but you do not wear them for long periods of time 2-3 inches

Advanced: If you have practice walking around in heels and feel comfortable, you will benefit from wearing 3 inches+

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