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Video Vixen 101

What do you think of when you pose for a picture?

I once did a video shoot with an artist, and I thought I was in very good shape. The video came out a few months later and I was horrified. I looked like a rolly-polly. The more I studied the video the more I realized that it wasn't my body but the angle of the camera. (Believe me, this took a lot of studying, crying, and fake dieting to realize.)

For this video I was in shorts (no tights), barefoot (my legs were not elongated), and a crop top (that cut straight across my stomach). The video angle was also front on and at stomach level. Why???

All of these factors play a part in me looking like a telly tubby on film. If I had worn tights there would be no leg giggle (look at Beyonce); If I had worn heels my muscles would have been flexed, and my legs would have been elongated creating long lines; If my outfit wasn't cut horizontal and played on diagonals it would have contoured my body.

I know most people do not have to be in front of the camera for their job, so when the double chin, the flabby arm, or even the chunky thigh come out in pictures it is because people do not know how to angle themselves correctly. So before you start crash dieting for your wedding, try taking a selfie and angle your body differently.

Remember: Never stand directly forward, angle your body, put a hand on your hip (that hip rises, and leg pops up), your knees are together so there is no space, and your opposite shoulder raises a touch), tilt that head a little and smile because your are Fearless, Bold, and Beautiful!

Video Vixen Class is every last Wednesday of the month. Save your spot at

Hell on Heel's created a Video Vixen class that walks clients through learning how to pose correctly, walk correctly, and move their bodies carefree while being video tapped. This class answers the does and don'ts of being in front of the camera no matter what the occasion is.

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