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Don't Get Fat on Memorial Day

Most of us have been working our booty off to get our Summer bodies ready, so, do yourself a favor and don't mess it up.

I am an American; therefore I love a good BBQ. Something about eating those juicy cheeseburgers, and rich creamy mac salad, while washing it down with a cold beer literally sends a chill down my spine.

NEWS FLASH: It is not a cheat meal if the eating lasts for more then one meal.

Just to put this into prospective: In order to loose weight one must burn more then you eat.

  • 1 Cheeseburger (with the bun) is about 500 Calories

  • 1 Cup of Mac Salad is 176 calories (and I know I personally will eat more then 1 cup)

  • 1 Hot-dog 240 calories without the bun add 140 calories with the bun

  • 1 bud-light (which tastes like crap, but your being healthy) is 110 calories for 12 fl. oz

  • 60 Min. of TMB burns up to 800 calories.

As you can see, these odds are really not in our favor.

Since these American feeding traditions are my weak spot- I have made myself a cheat sheet:

3 Steps to looking and feeling good after Memorial Day:

  1. Eat a nutritious meal before you go. This way you will not be hungry when you get there, or, you will eat smaller portions.

  2. Make yourself a detoxifying ice water (ice water with cut up fruit in it) and bring a large bottle of that with you. Try to substitute the nasty light beer with this (That beer will taste like unflavored club soda anyways). Water Recipies

  3. Wear something that shows off your figure. I usually go for a crop top or a sundress with my sides out. This starts conversations. "You look great, have you been working out.." You will feel like you owe it to yourself to keep not cheat (too bad) and keep up the good work.

If you got volunteered to bring food, make my families "secret" recipe for shrimp salad. Your thighs, and friends will thank you.

Shrimp Salad

(for those that do not eat seafood, you can leave the shrimp out and add papaya, or really whatever lean meat or fish you want).​

Prep Time 25min. Serves 5 People


1 precooked bag of frozen shrimp- I get mine from Publix (1 serving= 12 shrimp=100 calories)

1.5 Sm/Med. Cucumber (1 serving= 1 cup= 16 Calories)

1 Medium California Avocado (1 serving= .5 avocado= 50 Calories- you will not eat the whole serving)

3 Fresh Limes (Lime Juice= 11 Calories)

1 Mango (1 serving= 1 cup= 100 calories- you will not eat the whole serving)

Garlic Salt to taste

Hot Pepper Flakes to Taste

218 Calories Total per serving


1. Defrost Shrimp, Take off tails

2. dice up cucumber, avocado, and mango

3. Put cucumber, avocado, and mango in a bowl

4. Squeeze lime juice over ingredients

5. Add Shrimp to bowl

6. Squeeze more lime juice

7. Sprinkle Garlic Salt, and Hot pepper flakes (to taste in bowl)

8. Mix and try

9. repeat steps 6-8 until you hold your heart with love and amazement and go YESS.

10. Cover it, put in the fridge, or stick a serving spoon in it and serve it.

Eat this with your Detoxifying Water and Bam you're under your 300-400 calories a meal.

Just a note:

I am your cheerleader. I am not saying starve yourself, or don't eat something you love. Just remember all the blood, sweat, and tears it took you to get to this point. I want you to to love the way you feel when you look in the mirror.

Have a happy, healthy, and safe Memorial Day Weekend.

Take a moment to remember why we are celebrating in the first place.

And remember: Be Fearless, Be Bold, Be Beautiful!

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